Game Developers, with capes.

We're heading home after a fun couple of days full of feedback and ideas for Penjii Protects the Planet!

We've been in Graz to share our upcoming app and teacher dashboard with educators in the area wishing to utilise smarter tools in their classrooms. During the event one fearless member of our team, Darragh got up on stage and introduced the app and it's functionality in a tight 1min and 15 seconds (including an intro in German - hat's off to him).

Darragh presenting Penji to the crowd

We've been working hard polishing the app with phenomenal graphics from our partners over in Cork, CIT using the research and materials from the wider team of partners from all over Europe.

We're seeing all our partners hard work paying off as the game starts to look very polished and we prepare for the release day.

We're preparing our website ahead of the launch and we'll let you know when you can register your interest for the project.

Our teacher's portal will feature:

  • Quick stats for teachers to see their most competitive players
  • The ability to lock and unlock levels for their players to allow them to structure their lessons correctly.
  • Learning resources for download and wider sustainability initiatives

For now here's a sneak peek of what our teachers dashboard looks like:

Our teacher's dashboard

We wanted to take a moment to thank our partners for all their work:

We're excited to get our game into your hands, so we'll get back to work and promise to update you when Penji is ready.

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