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Pora Ora: Leapfrog is a multiplication game for children aged 5-9. It provides a fun, motivating and effective method for perfecting the times tables, with intelligent progression and engaging gameplay hooks.

Pora Ora's Leapfrog Trailer


Guide your Pora Pals from one rock to another along each hazardous race track. But be as quick as you can – this tournament is no place for slouches!


Choose a racer from your collection of Pora Pals and keep an eye out for new pals along the way. You can even bring your pals from any other Pora Ora games and apps you have played.


The tournament path will take you to 12 exotic worlds - from a samurai river to a sticky sweet honey world, and from a fiery lava land to an icy cold snow realm. Which will be your favourite?


Take time out from your journey to challenge friends from around the world. Race in real time to show off your skills – and your pals!


Only the smartest racers can be crowned Leapfrog champions! You’ll need to brush up on your times tables as you’ll be tested on each one as you take your journey. Up against real curriculum content, you’ll need to be a multiplication master to win!

12 exotic worlds to explore


  • 13 exclusive Pora Pals to unlock
  • Compelling tournament structure
  • Challenge friends from around the world in Real-Time Multiplayer Mode
  • Real educational content, covering times tables from 2 to 12
  • Compatible with Pora Ora School Mode™ for safe in-school use
  • Use your existing Pora Ora account, and import your Pora Pal collection
  • Kid-friendly interface
  • No third-party advertising
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