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Spellfire is an exciting word creation game that will have chdilren at eth edge of their seats as they battle



  • Includes something really interesting about the game which players will love.
  • This feature line is about the 8-bit pixels that are no doubt featuring in this game.
  • Since it is unlikely that the audio isn't fucking amazing, say something about the audio, maybe?
  • Make sure to stress that everything about this game is absolutely fabulous.
  • Something to wrap up this 5-point feature list with a nice ring to it.


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About Caped Koala Studios

Caped Koala Studios is an entertainment and technology company making high-quality educational games and apps for children. We are on a mission to add sparkle to the classroom and to provide parents with guilt-free gaming for their children. Because learning is fun.

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Pora Ora Spellfire Credits

Wojciech Reszke
Lead & Developer

Oskar Szulc
Lead & Developer

Agata Majewska
Lead Artists

Conor Murphy
Chief Product Owner

Marek Tutkowski
Lead Animator

Adrian Sobieraj
3D Artist

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